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Microwave Bowl Cozy

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How many times have you burned your fingers or hands while removing a bowl from the microwave or moving a piping hot bowl of soup from the stove to the table? Solve the problem of burnt fingers and spilled soup.

Main Features

✅Versatile design

  • When grasped by the edge, it can be safely pulled straight out of the microwave, but it also works like a pot, jar, or knife, like a tripod for parties, cooking occasions, and more. Super convenient.

✅Great heat resistance

  • Our heat-resistant dish mat protects your hands from heated plates, bowls, and other utensils. Machine washable and hand washable: Our high-quality fabrics make it as easy to clean as you want.

✅Use frozen containers

  • Now you can take ice cream and frozen yogurt right out of the freezer. In addition to your hands, it protects your furniture from melting desserts. Kids love it.

✅Machine washable and hand washable

  • Our high-quality fabrics make it as easy to clean as you want. You can machine wash and air dry them, or hang them for quick air drying. Durable and reusable.

✅Perfect fit

  • It fits most bowl sizes for all grandmas, seniors, moms, dads, parents, and even toddlers carrying ramen noodle soup, mac cheese, sauces, pasta.

        Product Specification

        • Material: Polyester
        • Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Light blue, Green
        • Size: 22x22cm

                  Package includes

                  • SET A: Telescope Standard + Universal Phone Holder
                  • SET B: Telescope Standard + Universal Mobile Phone Holder + Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Bracket

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