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Multifunctional Sharp Onion Cutter

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Since I have this onion cutter, I can cook much faster, and I can also use it for peeling! The sharp blad-e makes me feel that any vegetable can be processed. This is the luck of a housewife!

Main Features


    Onions, peppers, onions, and other vegetables will be scared when they see it! Because they will be quickly cut into thin slices. If you are a chef or a cooking enthusiast, then the appearance of this onion cutter will make your delicious cooking work more beautiful.


    This is not just a scallion cutter! It can also be used for quick peeling. It saves you the cost of a separate paring kni-fe while saving kitchen space. It is a good choice for all housewives!


    If I were an onion, I would be scared to see this onion cutter! You can slice green onions in almost a second. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, safe, durable, easy to clean and save time and effort. The tail is designed with a pointed cone structure, which can easily remove the rotten part of the fruit.


    It Will not hurt your hands! This onion cutter comes with a protective cover. When not in use, it can protect the blade in a dry and hygienic environment without rusting. When in use, it can be used as an easy-to-hold handle, which is anti-slip and prevents scratches.

Using Methods

                Product Specifications

                • Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
                • Color: Yellow, Orange, Green
                • Weight: 58g
                • Size: 16.5x2.7cm

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                          • Multifunctional Sharp Onion Cutter x 1

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