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New Drawer Type Egg Storage Box

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If you are looking for a egg storage box, then this New Drawer Type Egg Storage Box is the best choice for you!


1. Drawer design High capacity,convenient,  dust-proof and moisture-proof.
2. Space saver,Prevent the egg from rolling and colliding,
3. There are ventilation holes on both sides,Keep your eggs fresh.

 This is exactly what I needed! Now, I can easily store 2 dozen eggs at once AND stack items on top. No more shuffling items around in my fridge to access everything. Even my husband commented on what a great idea this was, and he normally doesn't notice things like this!


                                                                                                                       -Rachel O

Main Features

❤️ Drawer design

The egg storage box with a unique drawer design,pulls smoothly,not only convenient, but also dust-proof and moisture-proof.

❤️ High capacity

Our New drawer type egg storage box one layer can put 18-20 eggs,can solve your storage problem.

❤️ Anti-crush collision

Long grooves fit the shape of the egg,Prevent the egg from rolling and colliding to cause the egg to break.

❤️ Space saver

The egg storage box can stackable storage, neat and beautiful, space saving, keep refrigerator organized and clean

❤️ Breathable hole design

Hollow design on both sides of egg storage box,Prevent eggs from spoiling due to hot flashes.

❤️ Record fresh

The egg storage box with freshness mark table,Can remind you of the freshness of eggs.

              Product Specifications

              • Material: PP
              • Size: 32*21*7.8cm
              • Color: Green, Blue, White, Pink
              • Capacity: 12L

                            Package includes

                            • New Drawer Type Egg Storage Box x 1

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